There’s a lot to remember when it comes to legal limits of hazardous gases and the accompanying reporting standards. Honeywell knows firsthand how time-consuming compliance efforts can get, and we’ve worked hard to develop gas monitoring solutions that ease the reporting burden. Gas Book 3 from Honeywell focuses on applications, certification, safety standards and hazardous areas. It can help you keep up with requirements and ensure your business is in legal compliance within your region. Get your free copy by clicking the button below.

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Key Reasons to Improve Your Gas Detection Capabilities

Many people ask us about gas monitoring. Their concerns are often the same.

No matter your role. No matter your title. If you’re looking for information on gas detection systems, chances are you’re worried about one of the concerns listed at the top of the page. That doesn’t mean you’re predictable. It means you’re focused on keeping people and assets from harm while driving the profitability of your business.


Honeywell knows safety is the key.

Our interactions with customers have led us to see first-hand that no matter your industry, investing in state-of-the-art gas detection can lead to increased profitability. Think about it. When workers feel safe, they’re happier and more productive. When regulations are met, money isn’t wasted on fines. And of course, when accidents are avoided, so is the tragedy of human harm, the cost of replacing assets and the burden of dealing with bad press. 

Honeywell’s gas detection solutions are designed to help companies:

Keep people safe – Complete solutions for hazardous environmentsKeep you compliant – Conforming with regulations is simplifiedPrevent accidents – Save lives and protect your assets

Catch up on safety standards with Gas Book 3.

Get part three of the Gas Book series from Honeywell. Gas Detection, Common Applications and Certification focuses on reporting standards, gas limits and other legal requirements in the different regions of the world.

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Gas Book 2 explains all about the different types of gas detection solutions by industry and application.

Part two of the Gas Book series from Honeywell describes the difference between fixed and portable gas detection products. It provides a complete overview of which solutions work best for what industry in order to help you choose the best and right solution for your business’ needs.

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Learn more about Gas Detection with Gas Book 1. 

Part one of the Gas Book series from Honeywell focuses on why and when the presence of certain gases is cause for concern. This Gas Book also features gas data and exposure limit charts which are essential in any gas and chemical environment.

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