Storing Firefighting Foam

Bladder Tanks are a component of a balanced pressure proportioning system that includes a pressure-rated tank with an internal elastomeric bladder for foam concentrate storage. Upon system actuation, incoming water applies pressure to the concentrate in the bladder, which supplies pressurized concentrate to the proportioning device. The device meters the foam concentrate into the fire water line, creating foam solution. The solution is then piped to the discharge devices protecting the hazard area. Bladder Tanks are available in both vertical and horizontal versions in multiple sizes and with foam inside or outside the membrane.
The Foam Bladder Tank serves as a pre-mixing system through a very simple mechanism: the water coming from the water network pressurizes the tank, pushing the foam concentrate contained in it to a mixer of venturi type. Here, the foam concentrate is in contact with the water, forming the foam mixture that will be channeled to the pipe of the distribution network.
A foam bladder tank may have variable dimensions and consequently different capacities of containment of foam concentrate. It’s able to work even with relatively low pressures and ensures minimum pressure losses. Furthermore, the proportioner applied to it can be calibrated according to the delivery system, and the percentage of foam concentrate aspirated remains unchanged compared to the flow.The bladder tank is installed in fixed plants where a high foam protection is required. Synthetic,protein, Alcohol Foam foam compound may be employed.

The entire ANSUL line of high quality bladder tanks has been redesigned from the ground up, with a focus on design flexibility, lead time reduction and field usability. The new Ansul Bladder Tanks are configurable for a wide range of options that will not change the lead time.

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THUNDERSTORM W813A-FP 1×3 Freeze-Protected AR-AFFF (Alcohol Resistant Aqueous Film-Forming Foam) Concentrate from WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL delivers exceptional firefighting performance, continuing the renowned heritage of THUNDERSTORM products. THUNDERSTORM W813A-FP combines fluoro- and hydrocarbon-surfactant technologies to provide superior fire and vapor suppression for Class B, polar solvent and hydrocarbon fuel fires. This synthetic foam concentrate is intended for firefighting applications at 1% solution for hydrocarbon fuels and at 3% solution for polar solvent fuels in fresh, salt, or hard water.

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