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Low Pressure Hose

Low-pressure, textile reinforced applications including petroleum and water-based fluids for use as power steering return, lube lines and air lines. Not for brake applications.

Cotton Cleaner Belts

Application: Part Number: 64CCB170F 64 – 64 inch pitch length CCB – 1 inch pitch 170 – 170 teeth F

Truly Endless Flat Belts

ContiTech has developed a range of three Truly Endless Flat Belts that have been designed with high-tensile compounds to handle

Variable Speed

Application: For use on variable-speed sheave drives, which require exact speed control and maximum range of speed changes. It is


This is specialty belt for specific types of machines and equipment requiring a light, abrasion resistant, smooth operating smaller V-Belt.

Open End V-Belting

The ideal solution for problem applications and emergency replacements! Continental ContiTech Open End V-belting is the perfect answer for applications

FHP Belt

Application: Classical profile light-duty V-Belts for light machinery, home appliances, farm machinery, shop equipment, fans, blowers, etc. Improved FHP performance

Insta-Power® with Aramid Strength

Application: Dual-branded, high-performance, aramid-reinforced classical V-Belts are for both lawn and garden, and heavy-duty industrial applications. Classical profile belts built

Hex Belt

Application: Double-sided classical cross-section belts are for use on drives which have one or more reverse bends, where power must

Metric Belt

Application: Metric Belts are strong, flexible and work in a wide temperature range. With universal fit and North American production,


Application: Premium classical-profile belt delivers increased HP over traditional classical belts. Designed for tough, small-sheave diameter, high-tension drives. Torque-Flex® belts are

HY-T® Plus

Application: Traditional classical belts designed for operating at higher speeds over small diameter pulleys and short center distances. Also for