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Desmi Widespray

Shipboard dispersant spray system The WIDESPRAY dispersant spray system comprises of a diesel driven pump set, a pair of spray arms fitted with special nozzles and a set of hoses for the suction of seawater, dispersant and discharge to the spray arms. The WIDESPRAY unit can be diesel or electrically driven. The pump set is fitted with a flow meter and a recirculation valve that allows you to set the flow rate according to the desired application rate. For dilute spraying an eductor is fitted which will give a mixture of up to 30% dispersant chemical in the seawater. This percentage can be varied.

Desmi Speed Sweep Plus

Ultimate advanced sweep system Can operate faster speeds than traditional boom systems. The DESMI Speed Sweep 3200 Plus, is the ultimate advancing sweep system that can operate without entrainment. It has a class leading encounter rate and can operate in hostile waters. It has been developed to be a practical solution to recovering oil from well blowouts or upsets.

Desmi Speed Sweep

Heavy duty rubber boom recovery system The DESMI Speed-Sweep System, fully tested at OHMSETT is a heavy duty rubber boom recovery system designed to allow for the collection of oil at greater speeds than has previously been possible. Once the pollutant has been collected at the cusp, a skimmer can be located at the apex and recovery can begin. This can continue while the sweep system is moving forward. The unique, high efficiency DESMI Speed-Sweep System is designed to either connect to a Ro-Boom system or operate as an independent collection unit. It can be towed either between 2 vessels or 1 vessel with a jib arm or paravane. The Speed-Sweep can collect oil up to speeds of 3 knots which results in easier and quicker operations all round.

Desmi Ro-Sweep

Single Sweep Systems The Ro-Sweep system was originally developed for use in the harsh conditions of the North Sea to allow one vessel to conduct oil sweeping and recovery operations. Many Maritime Authorities around the world, including Denmark, UK and Russia, now operate the Ro-Sweep. The Ro-Sweep is based on the Ro-Boom range of oil containment booms with an outrigger arm manufactured in robust galvanized steel. As only one vessel is required for both the containment and recovery operation, the at sea response time is kept to a minimum. The Ro-Sweep is used for floating garbage removal, both in cleaning of lakes, cleaning of ponds, cleaning of rivers and drains.


Dynamic oil skimming vessels DESMI have been building and supplying anti-Pollution Workboats for over 25 years specialising in dynamic oil skimming vessels.

Power Packs

Diesel and electrically driven multipurpose power packs DESMI offers a very comprehensive range, 3-219W, of diesel and electrically driven multipurpose power packs / hydraulic power units for operating oil spill control equipment such as boom reels, skimmers and pump – as well as other devices.


Zipper umbilical hose A revolutionary approach to the management of hydraulic & discharge hose systems commonly found between skimmers and power packs. The DESMI ZUH not only enhances safety when dealing with high pressure hoses, but allows for the inspection and replacement of damaged or aged hoses.

Taratula XL

High capacity offshore skimmer The DESMI TARANTULA XL is a high capacity offshore skimmer, built to recover oil from both the light to heavy viscosities. It can also operate with a disc or brush bank cassette.


Self-adjusting weir skimmer ideal for industrial applications The TERRAPIN is a self-adjusting weir skimmer ideal for installation and deployment in tanks, industrial separators, wells and sumps where floating oil and other floating liquids need to be recovered.


Self adjusting weir skimmer The TERMITE skimmer is based on the proven TERMINATOR design incorporating the DOP-160 pump. The TERMITE provides a lightweight package that can skim and transfer a wide variety of oils and can operate effectively in open water conditions.


Reliable, powerful and seaworthy oil skimming system The design of the TERMINATOR skimmer has benefited from a continuing development programme of more than 25 years. The resulting system is a very versatile, reliable, powerful and seaworthy oil skimming system that can be used in a wide variety of applications.


High capacity skimming at an affordable price The TARANTULA incorporates two DOP-250 pumps which deliver a maximum capacity of 250 m³/h and can develop discharge pressures up to 10 bar while maintaining nearly maximum flow. It is capable of recovering a wide range of oils even with high viscosities.