SOS safety international inc. is committed to providing quality products
and services for the safety and protection of our customers, their employees,
their facilities and our environment. For More Info


Tested and ready to be implemented
at a moment's notice For More Info


With over 20 years of experience
in providing first responders
with high quality,
innovative agent delivery. For More Info

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    SOS Safety International

    Is a premier distributor of Industrial/Municipal safety supplies and services since 1991.

    Mission Statement:

    SOS Safety International Inc. is committed to providing quality products and service for the safety and protection of our customers, their employees, their facilities, and our environment.

    We Believe:

    … that quality service is key to customer satisfaction and will strive to meet or exceed industry standards.
    … in open and honest relationships with our customers and conduct all business with the highest level of ethics and integrity.
    … in thinking outside the box to help our customers meet their needs.

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