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Put money in your pocket and fresh air comfort in your building by using demand-controlled ventilation and triple monitoring. High levels of CO2 can cause drowsiness and create an inefficient work environment for building occupants.


The new generation of the SQN8x series combines long proven sensing capabilities with state-of-the-art pumping technology to yield a highly reliable sample draw gas detection system. The SQN8x offers accurate monitoring of the presence of a wide variety of refrigerants or other toxic and explosive gases in a surveillance area of up to 8 different zones.


Communicates digitally with Vulcain transmitters within a true daisy chain network, converting the digital signals to analog outputs. The 420I communicates digitally with Vulcain transmitters within a true daisy chain network, converting the transmitters’ digital signals to analog outputs.

HA20 Digital Gas Controller

2-channel gas detection system with configurable control, flexible application and user-friendly operation. The HA20 digital gas controller provides simultaneous display and alarm functions for two sensor transmitters, along with user-friendly operation and configuration flexibility.

301R Relay Module

Acts as an output to the 301C, the Relay Module provides 8 DPDT relays for the indirect activation of fans, louvers, etc. at programmable alarm levels. The 301R and 301RW act as an output for the 201C or the 301C. The 301R and the 301RW provide a standard 8 relays (DPDT 5A, 30 Vdc or 250 Vac resistive load) for the indirect activation of accessories.

301AP Annunciator Panel

Remote annunciator provides an efficient interface between gas transmitters and external alarming. The 301AP is the latest generation of remote annunciator panels, incorporating all (previously existing) functionalities, such as the easy to read visual indicators, multiple alarm level displays and fault alarms.

HALO LED Junction Box

HALO is an ATEX/IECEx certified EX e junction box for use with Searchpoint Optima Plus, providing a local visual status indication at a glance The HALO Junction Box enhances the Searchpoint Optima Plus point infrared Hydrocarbon gas detector* by providing a local display showing the sensor status at a glance, even from a distance.

IQ Management System

You call the shots by getting the data you want with the IQ Management System. IQ Management System provides you with the data you want and can use rather than slowing you down with excess information you don’t need. IQ Management System allows you to configure and customize reports and analyses for your needs rather than conforming to a “one size fits all” model.

FAAST Aspirating Early Warning Fire Detector

Protect mission-critical resources by catching a fire before combustion occurs—before there’s even traces of smoke. FAAST (Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology) provides extremely sensitive and accurate Very Early Warning detection and alarm, which gives facility managers precious time to take appropriate action to maintain business continuity before disaster strikes.

Chemcassette Toxic Gas Detection

Combines ppm/ppb sensitivity with interference free response and physical evidence. Chemcassette® is the unique trademarked name for a calibration free toxic gas detection method that uses an optical scanning system to detect the presence of gas by a color change on the specially chemically impregnated paper tape.

Manning GM-JR

Innovative, standalone readout/alarm unit that can be configured in a variety of ways to solve many refrigeration-gas concentration and alarm needs.

ConneXt Loneworker

ConneXt Loneworker makes it easy to track the location and safety status of your workers in real-time, so you can protect your business and your people, ensuring they make it home at the end of their shift. Honeywell’s unique solutions combine wirelessly enabled gas detection and sophisticated cloud based software, reliably keeping safety managers and lone workers connected all the time via cellular or satellite networks. Safety managers have real-time visibility to location, detector status, and, if applicable, vehicle telematics. You can also receive man-down alerts, communicate with two-way text messages on the gas detector and more.