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Ansul Vesda® Detection Equipment

Ansul Conventional Systems

Ansul Analog Addressable Systems

Ansul Dry Chemical Skid

Ansul Twin-Agent Units

Ansul Dry Chemical Piped

Ansul Connected Fire Container Monitoring

Ansul Lithium-Ion Risk Prevention System




HA20 Digital Gas Controller

301R Relay Module

301AP Annunciator Panel

HALO LED Junction Box

IQ Management System

Chemcassette Toxic Gas Detection

Manning GM-JR

ConneXt Loneworker

ConneXt Pro

ConneXt Plus


Vertex M

MeshGuard Stainless Steel

Posi3 USB

Honeywell BW™ Icon

ToxiPro® Single Gas Detector

GasAlert Extreme

Mini GCI

GCI – Standard

ChemKey TLD Toxic Gas Detector

CM4 Toxic Gas Monitor

FS7 Flame Detector

Satellite XT Transmitter with Sensor