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Oxy-Acetylene Adapter Right Hand Thread x NPTF


Oxygen Coupling Right Hand Thread x Hose Shank


Oxy-Acetylene Ferrule


Oxy-Acetylene Adapter Left Hand Thread x NPTF


Oxy-Acetylene Spud Left Hand Thread


Oxy-Acetylene Spud Right Hand Thread


Forestry Pocket Spanner Wrench


Sprinkler System Gauge (UL-393)


Line Test Gauge


Storz Spanner Wrenches with Holder


Pin Lug Spanner Single End Wrench


Folding Pocket Spanner Wrench


Replacement Handle Kit for Manual Betts Wet-R-Dri™ Valves


Storz Single End Spanner Wrench


Coupling Inserter Pusher Plate


Industrial Heavy Duty PTFE Tape


Dixon Coupling Lubricant


Dixon Diameter Tape


Female NPT Test Caps


Male NPT Test Plugs


Joint Sealant Gasket Material


Thread Sealant Paste


Grease Whip Zerk 45° Ball Check


Grease Hose Coupler


Grease Whip Hose Assembly with Strain Relief Spring