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Dixon Hex Nipple for Welding to Metal Hose


ANSI Split Flange- Series SF Gasket


Close Nipple


Gasket for Stainless Steel Bolted Fitting


NPT Threaded 90° Threaded Elbow


NPT Threaded 90° Street Elbow


Tuff-Lite® Hex Head Drain Plug


Grooved Quick Release Coupling- Series Q


Tuff-Lite® Female Threaded Swivel Nut


Tuff-Lite® Close Nipple


Tuff-Lite® Female NPT Cap


Grooved Reducing Adapter-Series RA


Grooved Rigid Coupling- Series R, Style 5


Gasket for Polypropylene Bolted Fitting


Blank Cap- Series BE


Dixon Octagonal Nipple for Welding to Metal Hose


Grooved End Tee Fitting-Series T


NPT Threaded Union


NPT Threaded Square Head Plug


Grooved Flange Adapter- Series FA


Dixon Weld-On Hex Wrench Grip


Dixon Octagonal Wrench Grip


Grooved End x Weld Adapter Nipple


Grooved End 90° Elbow Fitting- Series 90