Testing and Certification

With SOS as your Third Party inspection agent, we bring over 40 years of combined fire service

New Apparatus:

  • New apparatus specification preparation.
  • New apparatus specification review and approval.
  • New apparatus in progress inspections.
  • On site NFPA acceptance testing.
  • On site foam system proportioning accuracy testing of your new apparatus.

Existing Apparatus Services:

  • Large diameter hose discharge installations.
  • New monitor installations.
  • Additional discharge installations.
  • Water/Foam piping system up-grades.
  • NFPA certification testing. Routine apparatus maintenance.
  • Water/Foam pump repairs.
  • Foam system conductivity testing.

Apparatus Inspection

Foam Concentrate Injection Testing:

NFPA 1901 requires foam system accuracy testing be performed prior to delivery of new apparatus by the manufacturer. Even though NFPA does not require yearly testing, a yearly
system check is recommended. Just as fire pumps and fire hoses are tested, NFPA recommends a yearly system check.

Each foam discharge is tested for proper flow and accuracy in accordance with the design parameters set by each apparatus manufacturer. This assures the customer that each apparatus is accurately flowing foam at a fixed percentage and that each discharge is proportioning foam concentrate at the set percentage according to NFPA 11 standards for foam system operations.

SOS will check each discharge at 1% – 3% – 6% using the water equivalency method. Every discharge will be flowed at the manufacturer’s recommended nominal flow. A calibrated flow meter will be placed into the aux. liquid suction connection and the above injection points will be verified. TSI can make field adjustments on National Foam Servo Command and Pierce Husky units.