Apparatus Foam System Injection Testing

SOS Safety’s experience with industrial apparatus foam systems is unsurpassed in the industry. Our 20 plus years designing, fabricating and testing gives our technicians the upper hand on foam injection calibration. Is your apparatus injecting properly?

Fixed and Semi Fixed Foam System Testing

SOS Safety will come to your facility and check your fixed and semi- fixed foam systems. This inspection covers liquid concentrate inspection, piping and valve operation, prime mover/pump and panel controls. Injection tests will be done as customer requests.

Apparatus Specification Writing

SOS will assist the truck committee on spec writing to assure everything from bumper to bumper is included. After an inspection of plant, hazards and logistics a complete specification can be drafted for the bid process.

NFPA Apparatus Testing

SOS will come to your facility and perform the annual NFPA water pump testing procedure. Any deficiencies will be corrected, new fluids replaced and the customer will receive a printed document of the complete service and testing that was done, certificate of pump test and RPM plate.

Tank Chamber Programs

SOS will make an assessment of your tank farm. Each tank will be shown as well as hydrant access, local roads and overall view of tank relative to farm. Flow calculations may be included in this program along with setup procedures.