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8FKF and 8FKR High Volume Pump

Hale’s 8FK was designed specifically for high flow industrial firefighting applications. The K gearbox used in the 8FK uses helical gears for strength and for quiet operation. Available with a split shaft, PTO, or drive thru gearbox allows the 8FK to be used in many different applications. The compact design requires less space in your truck freeing up space for water, foam, or equipment.

Rotan-CC-Closed Coupled

Close-coupled internal gear pump. Internal gear pump in cast iron, designed for the refrigerator industry.

Rotan – HD- Heavy Duty

The HD pump are specifically designed for difficult applications
Heavy Duty - Internal gear pumps in cast iron, for a wide range of viscous, non-corrosive liquids.

Rotan – PD – Petrochemical Duty

For refinery and petrochemical applications. Petrochemical Duty PD are internal gear pumps designed for refinery and petrochemical applications, all pressure-containing components are carbon steel.

Rotan -CD – Chemical Duty

Internal gear pump designed to handle corrosive liquids. ROTAN CD - Chemical Duty. Internal gear pumps in stainless steel, designed to handle corrosive liquids.