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NSA by Desmi

The NSA Close coupled self-priming centrifugal pump is a totally renewed design based on the original “K&R” models. However fully replaceable with former types, in dimensions as well as capacities.

NSL by Desmi

The NSL range of pumps represents high efficiency, low NPSH values, easy to installation and low maintenance. The NSL series is widely used within different applications and markets.

Modular S By Desmi

The Modular S Centrifugal Pump represents one of the most distinctive products of self-priming pumps.

DSL by Desmi

The DSL pumps are single-stage, double-suction, vertical, centrifugal pumps. The design of the suction side provides for a perfect flow, and the inlet is placed in line with the outlet.

Modular H

The DESMI Modular H centrifugal pump is the result of further development of the well-known DESMI Modular S pump series.