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WBB Series Big Boy Hi-Volume Monitor Nozzles

WBB series high-volume nozzles are designed to flow at 750 or 1,000 gpm (2,839 or 3,785 Lpm) at 100 psi (6.9 bars) inlet pressure.  They are industrial-grade master stream nozzles with cast brass construction.

SCOUT Nozzle

The SCOUT nozzle from Williams Fire & Hazard Control is a self-educting monitor nozzle with selectable flow rates of 350, 500, and 750 Gpm (1,320, 1,890, and 2,840 Lpm).  Constructed using a lightweight, non-corrosive composite material, anodized aluminum, and stainless steel, it is an extremely versatile and durable nozzle purposely designed for the harsh operational environments encountered in industrial firefighting operations around the world.

Ranger Automatic Hydro-Foam Monitor Nozzles

The Hydro-Foam™ Ranger™ Nozzles from Williams Fire & Hazard Control are among the most advanced fire fighting nozzles ever made.  They incorporate the effective range of an automatic nozzle with the exclusive combination of self educting/selectable “constant metering” foam proportioning.

Ranger Automatic Hydro-Chem Monitor Nozzles

The Ranger™ Automatic Hydro-Chem™ Monitor Nozzle takes advantage of the effective range of an automatic monitor nozzle to deliver dry chemical along with water or a water/foam solution.  Designed to extinguish three dimensional or pressure fed fires, the unique nozzle discharges dry chemical at approximately 20 lbs/sec (9 Kg/sec) through the center of the water/foam stream, resulting in a reach distance not possible with conventional dry chemical equipment.

Ranger 3 and 3+ Nozzles

The Ranger 3 and 3+ Nozzles, featuring “Smart Nozzle” Technology, were designed for today’s municipal and industrial fire fighters by providing superior performance and protection in one device.  These nozzles are unique large volume monitor nozzles designed to combat challenging fire hazards involving flammable liquids in storage and liquids under pressure.

LWNS Series Medium Body Hydro-Foam Monitor Nozzles

The LWNS series monitor nozzles are patented water powered nozzle systems that proportions and delivers either water or foam to the hazard area.  LWNS nozzles feature a brass construction with stainless steel trim with discharge pattern fully adjustable from straight stream to full fog.

LW Series Small Body Hydro-Foam Monitor Nozzles

Patented water powered nozzle system that delivers either water or foam solution to the hazard area.  Nozzle has a built-in self-educting foam proportioning capabilities and has a fully adjustable discharge pattern going from straight stream to full fog with flow rate of 150 or 225 gpm (568 or 852 Lpm) @ 100 psi (6.9 bars).

Hydrant Monitor Stand

For mounting a monitor onto any fire hydrant to create a convenient monitor station.

High Volume Remote Controlled Monitors

High Volume Electric Actuated Remote Control Monitors from Williams Fire & Hazard Control (WF&HC) are designed to be mounted at elevated positions for fixed applications.  They have a programmable oscillation capability for automatic operations, but may also be overridden with a matched Hydro-Foam™ nozzle operated remotely through the use of a joystick and switches on a consolidated control panel.  In addition, manual operation can also be accomplished locally through the use of hand-wheels.

HF Series Medium Body Self-Educting Monitor Nozzles

The HF series monitor nozzle is a water powered system that proportions and delivers either water or foam to the hazard area.  The HF series monitor nozzles are available at flow rates of either 350 or 500 gpm (1,325 or 1,893 Lpm) @ 100 psi (6.9 bars).

DASPIT Tool and Mini DASPIT Tool

The Williams Fire & Hazard Controls DASPIT Tool, used in the field for decades, is an innovative solution for firefighters designed to stabilize a large-volume attack monitor to the rim of storage tanks.

BTM Series Monitor Nozzles

BTM series nozzles are standard industrial grade master stream nozzles made of cast brass construction. BTM nozzles are fully adjustable from straight stream to full fog and are available with flow rates of 350, 500, and 700 gpm (1,325, 1,893 and 2,650 Lpm ) at 100 psi (6.9 bars) nozzle pressure.