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Sensepoint XCD

Transmitter provides comprehensive monitoring of combustible, toxic and Oxygen gas hazards in potentially explosive atmospheres - indoors and outdoors.

Williams Double-5 Industrial Fire Hose

The Williams Fire & Hazard Control DOUBLE-5 Industrial Hose is a unique lightweight 7 1/4 in. (184 mm) large diameter hose woven with 100% filament polyester for superior durability and pressure performance.

Super Large and Large Diameter Industrial Hoses – Taiga 600/1200™

Taiga large diameter hoses are heavy-duty, industrial grade fire hoses for extreme situations where maximum flow is necessary to overcome hazards, or to conduct water transfer whenever high volume and pressure are required.


POLYESTER SINGLE JACKET HOSE Purpose-built for above- and below-ground mining operations, 5M mine hose is a polyester single jacket hose with a neoprene rubber liner that resists burning inherently better than hydrocarbon rubber. This hybrid design has earned 5M the Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) Approval #2G-15/1 for use in mines along with non-sparking brass couplings.


POLYESTER DOUBLE JACKET HOSE When reliability counts, you can count on 8M. This premium quality neoprene rubber lined, double jacket hose is Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) approved (#2G-15/1) for the extreme demands of underground firefighting. Engineered for performance, a high-quality polyester reinforced outer jacket protects an inner polyester jacket and rubber liners from wear and puncture while also helping to prevent kinking that limits flow.


POLYESTER SINGLE JACKET HOSE When the going gets tough, the tough choose 6P. Ozone-proof, heavy-gauge hose for hump racks and reels — anywhere double jacket hose will not work, 6P hose is the high pressure hose with enough muscle for industrial firefighting applications.


POLYESTER SINGLE JACKET HOSE The super-duty 5P is an excellent all-around performer: Strong, flexible and ideally suited for all exterior and interior firefighting applications, it delivers medium pressure and high-end performance at a value price point. 5P is a polyester single jacket hose with a rugged Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) rubber liner that can handle most fluids including some chemicals and petroleum-based products.


POLYESTER SINGLE JACKET HOSE The industry’s featherweight champion, 3P is rugged, lightweight, strong and extremely flexible. The low pressure hose is designed for exterior and interior fire protection: 3P is an economical single jacket industrial hose made from high-strength polyester along with an Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) rubber liner.


POLYURETHANE LAY-FLAT HOSE Battlefield tested and oilfield perfected, the HydroXtreme™ LDH hose is purpose-built to exceed the expectations of today’s oil and gas environments, tackling fracking and dewatering applications with ease. The one-piece construction of the hose cover, reinforcement and liner uses no adhesives.


EXTRUDED POLYURETHANE HOSE The solution for potable water transfer: Lightweight and durable, TE is manufactured of circular woven polyester fabric completely encapsulated by polyurethane elastomer that is forced thru-the-weave. It is ultra-compact and is offered in diameters up to 6" (150 mm), in typical coupled lengths of 50' or 100' or in single lengths to 660' (200 meters).


LIGHTWEIGHT 3-PLY NITRILE RUBBER HOSE FLX sets the performance standard for light duty water discharge. Conventionally extruded rubber hose can vary in thickness, creating excess bulk and weight. But FLX is different by design: The cover is inserted inside the tight-weave reinforcement, vulcanized, then turned inside-out. The liner is then inserted and the hose is vulcanized for a second time, forming a permanent bond of all three plies–guaranteeing a consistent and compact hose wall.


POLYESTER SINGLE JACKET TPU FORESTRY REEL HOSE Light in weight and strong in stature, Reel Lite is the go-to attack hose for first arrival frontline duties. Fully loaded, ready on the reel, the rubber forestry hose is purpose-built for wildland use: Reinforced with a 100% high tenacity polyester cover for exceptional durability and low drag; and a smooth TPU liner for low kink resistance—it goes wherever you need it, with complete confidence. Available in 50’ or 100’ lengths, Reel Lite is available with expansion ring or field repairable couplings.