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Unipoint Controller

DIN rail mounted controller allows you to incorporate flammable, toxic or oxygen gas detection into control systems.

705 HT Series of Flammable Gas Sensors

UL certified, explosion-proof flammable gas detectors with high temperature version certified to 150°C.

Signalpoint Flammable and Toxic Gas Detector

The Signalpoint range of flammable, toxic and Oxygen gas detectors offers a low cost solution to indoor gas monitoring.

Series 3000 Mkll and Mklll Transmitters with Sensor

2-wire loop powered toxic and Oxygen gas detector for use in potentially explosive atmospheres - explosion proof and intrinsically safe versions

SS4 Flame Detector

Electro-optical digital detectors represent leading edge UV and UV/IR technology.

SS2 Flame Detector

These multi-spectrum flame detectors sense radiant energy in the ultraviolet (UV), visible and WideBand InfraredTM (IR) spectrum.

HA72 Controller

Centralize display and alarm functions with a flexible 16-64 channel controller that works as a standalone solution or networkable device.

HA71 Digital Gas Controller

Simultaneous display and alarm functions for up to 16 input variables, and can expand with 10 additional HA71 units to provide up to 160 points of gas detection.

HA40 Digital Gas Controller

4-channel gas detection system with configurable control, flexible application and user-friendly operation.

FS20X Flame Detector

Part of the FSX family of electro-optical flame detectors, the FS20X represents a quantum leap in integrating infrared and ultraviolet sensing technologies.


A high-speed microprocessor based fire detection and process control system specially designed for liquid and powder coating applications, the FS System 10™ quickly detects the presence of a flame, reacts by initiating a shutdown of the electrostatic finishing process in a matter of milliseconds: and effectively interrupts the fire before residues and wet paint films can ignite.

MeshGuard LEL & MeshGuard LEL IR

MeshGuard LEL detectors precisely monitor the lower explosive limit (%LEL) of flammable gasses in your facilities. This rapidly deployable solution intelligently forms a self-healing network with other monitors and a RAE Systems controller to wirelessly transmit data and alarm status.