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Screaming Eagle 2,000 GPM Portable Monitor Base

Water resources are a critical part of any industrial fire related emergency, and a key component is having a sustained water supply throughout the event. There are a number of circumstances that may impede a facility’s ability to supply water to the area needing it the most

Quick Attack Foam Cart

More than a portable monitor, the Quick Attack foam cart can easily be operated by one person.  Ideal for spill fires in chemical plants and flammable liquid storage areas.  A single mobile unit can be used to protect several different remote hazard areas.

Minuteman Hose Reel Foam Stations

Minuteman Series Hose Reel Foam Stations are pre-engineered firefighting systems consisting of a foam concentrate storage tank, proportioning equipment and hose and discharging devices.  These fixed equipment components are compact in design and easy to install, yet are powerful tools when mounting an effective attack against a hazardous situation.