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Foam Eductors

This light weight inline Foam Eductor operates at low pressure 100 PSI. Excellent for use in plants, portable pumps or other low water pressure applications. Variable concentrate settings from 0.5% to 6%. Clear pick up tube with quick Storz connection and stainless steel wand. Flow ranges 60, 95 and 125 GPM.

Inline Eductors

Inline Foam Eductors provide the simplest and most economical method of introducing a metered flow of foam concentrate into a pressurized water stream.  As opposed to “Hydro-Foam™ Technology” which is used in union with master stream nozzles, these “Venturi-Type” foam proportioners are designed to be used in conjunction with a matched constant flow end-of-line device (e.g., nozzle), where adequate water pressure is available.