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Acculinear® Belts & Sprockets

Application: Part Number: Y-8-PU-16-STD Y – Color code, denotes belt width 8 – 8 mm belt pitch PU – Polyurethane

ELATECH® Polyurethane Belts

These belts are available in a broad range of popular timing belt pitches and a variety of application-specific backings, including

Open End PD®

Application: For synchronized applications such as conveying, linear motion or positioning. Open End Pd® belts are the economical and trouble-free drive

Dual Positive Drive®

Application: This is a dual trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt that transmits power from both sides of the belt. For use

Dual Hi-Performance PD®

Application: The Dual Hi-Performance Pd® is a dual round tooth synchronous belt that transmits power from both sides of the belt.

Super Torque PD®

Application: For conveyors, milling machines, lathes, shapers, mixers, timers or controllers, wood chippers, debarkers, compressors, engine accessory drives, cam drives

Positive Drive PD®

Application: Traditional trapezoid tooth profile synchronous for drives requiring exact timing. Can also be used as an alternative to problem

Blackhawk PD® Sprockets

Application: Part Number: W38-14M-20-SF W38 – 38 Grooves / Teeth 14M – 14 mm Pitch Length 20 – 20 mm

Blackhawk PD®

Application: High-performance synchronous belt with aramid cords for use in rigorous synchronous drives requiring premium performance. With its universal profile,

Hawk PD®

Drop-in Replacement Belts with a Universal Profile that Fits Many Common Sprockets Application: Hawk Pd® is now the premium choice for

Axial Fan PD Sprockets

Application: Part Number: F168-14M-40-E F – Fin Fan 168 – Number of grooves/teeth 14M – 14 mm length 40 –

Axial Fan Synchronous Belt & Sprockets

Application: Part Number: 3150 14M 55\FFAN 3150 – 3150 mm pitch length 14M – 14 mm length 55 – 55