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Fenner Dunlop ECS provides the best in lightweight belt applications used in paper mills, saw mills, board plants, and other forest product plants. WoodMaster provides top-of-the-line service for your Wood, Pulp, and Paper needs. It is the standard product offering for the Wood products market.


Over the years, Fenner Dunlop has made a name for itself offering reliability and lon service-life for the largest forest product corporations in the Americas. WoodMaster Supreme is Fenner Dunlop's premium cover for the Wood, Pulp, and Paper market. It offers the best service in the Wood products market.


Logmaster is Fenner Dunlop's premium product for log handling. It can be used for slasher decks, log drops, debarkers in and out feeds, chipper in feeds, and drum discharge.


The demands of the Forest Products Industry are many and varied. From full logs to woodchips, Fenner Dunlop ECS has a belt for every job. GKIII is Fenner Dunlop's economic product for the Wood, Pulp, and Paper market.


THE NEXT GENERATION OF PATRIOT CONVEYOR BELTING Patriot X will exceed your performance expectations while remaining an economical belting option.  The unique design of the Patriot X fabric offers improved rip, tear, and impact resistance over its predecessor.