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Tunneling can present many difficult challenges and requires a specialized belt to deliver ultimate performance in this rugged conveying environment.  Fenner Dunlop Engineered Conveyor Solutions has developed Wearlok® for this very reason.


The unique straight-warp carcass of UsFlex® is engineered to provide outstanding rip, tear and impact resistance. Made to be flexible and lighter weight, UsFlex®offers execllent load support, troughability and tracking.


ROCKMASTER® is the next generation in conveyor belting from FENNER DUNLOP AMERICAS. From hard rock to sand & gravel, RockMaster® provides an economic solution to your conveying needs without compromising quality.


Fenner Dunlop’s core business is conveyor belting. Each belt is engineered to produce measurable, sustainable results that assist the end-user in reducing costs, avoiding costs and improving revenue. Fenner Dunlop emphasizes higher performance standards by standing with each customer to tailor a total approach to their requirements.


LongHaul® Mine Duty Surface Belt With Endurance! LongHaul® belting is designed for moderate to severe surface conveying applications when the rip, tear and impact resistance of UsFlex® belting is not required.


LongFlex utilizes the same unique fabric construction of our very successful MineFlex® product, with cover compounds designed to handle demanding surface and underground applications.


Impact, cutting and gouging are persistent problems when conveying wood products day in and day out. To battle these everyday challenges, Fenner Dunlop has engineered LogMaster®, a new innovative product line specifically designed for the harshest conveyor belt applications in the wood handling industry.


HotShot®'s cover compound is DeltaHeat 2.0®, utilizing premium EPDM polymers, designed for hot materials. Even though the DeltaHeat® cover may begin to char and wear through as temperatures reach 1000°F, the carcass is designed to maintain its structural integrity.


Your Best Investment For Long Hauls Of Bulk Material Quality is at the core of Fenner Dunlop's reliability. We start with the best raw materials, each carefully selected and processed on the latest equipment available.


Creating Solutions, Not Excuses Coal fired power generation plants require specialized belting for each plant application. Fenner Dunlop Americas developed POWERGUARD® to combat the harshest coal handling and power generating environments.


Grain Master Supreme is produced with an UsFlex carcass to provide maximum rip and tear resistance coupled with superior bolt retention properties.


Grain Master PSR carcass delivers high strength along with low elongation and excellent fastener holding properties.