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While traditional plied belting utilizes a conventional crimp-weave fabric in plain or crow's foot patterns, the UsFlex straight-warp carcass construction incorporates a completely different concept.


Super UsFlex is the Dual-Ply D18 and above versions of UsFlex. It is designed to tackle the absolute toughest jobs in the most demanding applications. Among fabric carcasses, it has the greatest rip, tear, and impact resistance available.


Whether conveying coal, aggregate, sand, grain, wood products, or mineral ore, PSR can be manufactured and combined with one of Fenner Dunlop's cover compounds to fit any of our customers' applications.


THE NEXT GENERATION OF PATRIOT CONVEYOR BELTING Patriot X will exceed your performance expectations while remaining an economical belting option.  The unique design of the Patriot X fabric offers improved rip, tear, and impact resistance over its predecessor.


A technologically advanced belt carcass for today's conveyor systems! NovaCore® is a new technologically advanced and patented fabric designed by Fenner Dunlop Engineered Conveyor Solutions with unsurpassed resistance to rip, tears, impacts and puntures.