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Desmi Globeboom

A Superior Fence Boom GlobeBoom® range is unique in many ways. It can be used as a fast response boom or for permanent installations. It can even be stored on a reel thanks to the special high density polyethylene (HDPE) round floats that can easily nest.

Desmi A-Boom

Very environmentally friendly Fence Boom DESMI has developed a new, very environmentally friendly Fence Boom which will suit most protection purposes with regard to Oil Spill Response in a large number of protected water areas. The boom is known as “A-BOOM”.

Desmi Mesh Boom

Beach Protection The DESMI MESH BOOM is the result of years of investigation and tests, it is based on a nautical grid that allows water and wind to pass but retains the sargassum, protecting the beaches. Light weight, high tension strength, and high buoyancy enable the DESMI MESH BOOM to perform in harsh conditions as e.g. big waves and heavy winds.

Desmi Troilboom Beach

New lightweight shore sealing boom TROILBOOM BEACH is a special purpose containment boom that utilises water ballast. The water is pumped into two tubes along the bottom of the boom. This water acts as ballast when the boom is floating; once the boom is stranded these tubes sit on the ground and form a seal. The two fins running the length of the water tubes aid this effect.

Desmi Ro-Boom

Effective, reliable and durable oil containment boom RO-BOOM is internationally acknowledged as one of the most effective, reliable and durable oil containment booms available today. RO-BOOM has earned this reputation in many spills and deployments. Manufactured in a unique rubber moulding process RO-BOOM is an inflatable boom with high tensile strength and excellent sea-keeping abilities. When deflated it lies flat allowing for storage on reels with minimal volume.

Desmi Troilboom AF

Rapid response oil containment boom TROILBOOM AF is a lightweight rapid response inflatable boom that is ideal for operations in ports, harbours, inland and coastal waters - where a quick response is required. TROILBOOM AF (“Airfilled”) incorporates two Monsun type air valves per section. Up to 200 metres of TROILBOOM AF can be stored on a reel which can be deployed in less than 5 minutes. ASTM quick connectors are provided for the quick assembly of boom sections. The TROILBOOM reels are fitted with an over speed brake and a coupling for a hydraulic drive motor. Alternatively they can be supplied with a hand crank.

Desmi Troilboom

Lightweight rapid response oil containment fence booms The TROILBOOM family of oil containment fence booms are lightweight rapid response booms that are ideal for operations in ports, harbours, inland and coastal waters - where a quick response is required. TROILBOOM incorporates symmetrical closed cell foam floats that allow the boom to be wound up onto boom reels or packed into racks and containers. TROILBOOM is very simple to deploy and can be used without any special ancillary equipment. Up to 400 metres of TROILBOOM can be stored on a reel. 200 metres can be deployed in less than 5 minutes without the use of power packs or air blowers.

Desmi CompactClean – Ballast Water Management System

Compact Ballast Water Management System Looking for a ballast water management system that can be installed easily and without relocating other equipment? CompactClean is the answer. DESMI CompactClean system is based on filtration and UV radiation. CompactClean is the first ballast water treatment system on the market that takes up so little space - and still has great flowrates. Only 2.8 sqm is necessary for a 1000 m3/h system + 0,6 sqm for the electrical panel, which can be placed up to 100 m from the system itself.

Desmi OptiClean

Combination of DESMI’s proven ballast water treatment system RayCleanTM and energy optimization system OptiSaveTM provides annual energy savings in addition to IMO compliant treatment of ballast water. This is the first time any type of ballast water treatment concept has been able to provide a net energy saving to ship owners and operators.

Desmi OptiSave™ – Energy Saving System

OptiSave – Energy Saving System[PDF] OptiSave Energy Saving System for Defence[PDF] Advantages Energy saving up to 90% Short return on

Desmi High flow – Low Pressure Pumps for Aquaculture

DESMI has developed new pumps for the aquaculture market, where the focus is to provide high efficiency rates for high flows at low water lift.

Desmi Widespray

Shipboard dispersant spray system The WIDESPRAY dispersant spray system comprises of a diesel driven pump set, a pair of spray arms fitted with special nozzles and a set of hoses for the suction of seawater, dispersant and discharge to the spray arms. The WIDESPRAY unit can be diesel or electrically driven. The pump set is fitted with a flow meter and a recirculation valve that allows you to set the flow rate according to the desired application rate. For dilute spraying an eductor is fitted which will give a mixture of up to 30% dispersant chemical in the seawater. This percentage can be varied.