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Wedge TLP™ Narrow

///Wedge TLP™ Narrow

Wedge TLP™ Narrow

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Part Number: 3VT950
3VT – .38 top width
950 – 95 outside length, uncogged

Wedge TLP is the longest lasting narrow v-belt in our lineup. It’s constructed with a homogenous, one-piece design, the Wedge TLP Narrow V-belt delivers total lasting performance that is virtually maintenance free. Its high-modulus, high-denier cord can handle a significant increase in horsepower over our current HY-T Wedge. Wedge TLP’s unique advanced construction process includes use of a specialized reinforcement and compounds that make this Narrow V-belt virtually maintenance free. Install this belt the first time with proper installation techniques and take advantage of reduced downtime and maintenance. With its greater horsepower capacity, Wedge TLP allows you to deliver the same amount of horsepower with a lesser number of belts. Fewer belts mean fewer sheave grooves; the combination of the two means lower-cost belt drives. Wedge TLP belts offer supreme durability and wear resistance– plus better fit even in worn sheaves. That is all because of its two envelope plies and specialty blended, fiber-rich compounding that help support increased horsepower, with less deformation under tension.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Reduce Maintenance
  • Reduced drive cost
  • Durability that goes the distance


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