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Variable Speed

Variable Speed

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For use on variable-speed sheave drives, which require exact speed control and maximum range of speed changes. It is ideal for recreational equipment, agricultural applications and machine tools.

Top performance at every speed:

  • Excellent transverse rigidity and flexibility to prevent bucking at minimum diameter settings where belt stresses are greatest.
  • Firm gripping action in the contact areas provide positive traction for precise, immediate response.
  • Reliable, predictable transmission of power over the drive’s full operating range.

Built for long service life:

  • Precision molded for a completely uniform cross section allowing for even tracking and smooth running without excessive vibration.
  • Belts are built thin with precise uniform cogs on the underside for maximum lengthwise flexibility.
  • Aramid cords carry more horsepower and experience less stretch over the life of the belt.


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