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TYPE II – Lightweight Single Jacket Forestry Hose

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TYPE II – Lightweight Single Jacket Forestry Hose

Engineered to combat the rigors of wildland fire fighting and ideal for changing forestry terrain, providing the ultimate in heat, abrasion and puncture resistance. A heat resistant ring spun outer jacket prevents damage from sparks and radiant heat. The polyurethane lining with Key Hose “smooth flow technology” delivers more water at higher pressures. Meets USDA-US Forestry Service Specification 5100-187 Type 2. Lightweight, easy to handle and fitted with threaded or quarter-turn couplings.

Colors: Clear Coat, Yellow


Hose assemblies are available with polymer impregnation that provide additional abrasion resistance. Standard color is yellow. Color shall be pure and even in each hose. Impregnated hose shall meet the requirements of USDA 5100-187 for abrasion resistance.

The lining shall be a single-ply extruded tube of synthetic polyurethane to resist ozone. The polyurethane tube shall adhere to the jacket to prevent delamination. The finished product will meet and exceed all potable water MIL-H-24606 standards for the manufacturing of lightweight fire hose. The use of the polyurethane lined fire
hose is designed to increase packing ability and applications where lightweight fire hose is desired. Key Type II may be manufactured with a thin-wall high tensile 1800 psi EPDM rubber liner. Rubber lined products are an accepted alternative to polyurethane lined hose in accordance with 5100-187c Type 2 specifications.

Expansion ring threaded or quarter-turn quick connect couplings available as specified by the end-user. Couplings shall meet 5100-108 minimum requirements.

The minimum burst test pressure, when tested in accordance to NFPA 1961, on all Key Type II diameters shall be 900 psi / 62 bar. Service test pressures stenciled on the hose shall be in accordance with current minimum requirements of NFPA 1962. Lengths available up to 100′.

The fire hose assembly supplied under this specification shall be constructed with superior quality materials. NFPA 1961 and forestry spec 5100-187 standards shall be observed in production of the assembly in order to ensure its quality and durability. Hose furnished under these specifications will have a potential service life warranty of 5 years barring mistreatment that would render it unfit for service. Upon delivery, the hose shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

Jacket Construction
The jacket will be woven evenly and be free of defects, including knots, lumps, or unsightly disfigurations that could jeopardize the integrity of the hose assembly. The warp yarn shall consist of ring spun polyester yarn. The use of filament or entangled yarn is expressly forbidden due to the lack of inherent abrasion resistance. The filler yarns shall be constructed of high strength, low elongation, filament polyester to reduce weight and increase flexibility. The jacket construction shall be a 1-2 woven twill pattern with the 2 over-crossing on the exterior of the jacket.




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