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Torque Team® (Laminated)

///Torque Team® (Laminated)

Torque Team® (Laminated)

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Narrow cross-section joined belt with “engineered slip” which is particularly effective when installed on drives that can experience frequent stalls caused by obstructions.

  • Chip-n-saws
  • Cut-off saws
  • Chippers
  • Gang saws
  • Deck saws
  • De-barkers
  • Re-chippers
  • Trimmers

The “Engineered to Slip” belt:
Built to withstand the punishments when drives jam up and the belts need to slip, such as in sawmill applications. The special sidewall of Torque Team® Laminated V-Belts acts as a control switch, allowing belts to slip as needed until the obstruction is cleared.

Banded Belts tame the problem drives:

  • Individual belts are joined together by tough backing fabric so all ribs pull together.
  • Each rib wedges in the sheave groove for maximum traction and efficiency. Conditions such as pulsation, vibration, shock loading and misalignment are common problems for drives causing belt whip and belt turnover. Banded belts help solve the problems.


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