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Talk-Around Communication Device

///Talk-Around Communication Device

Talk-Around Communication Device


  • Easy To Install, Easy To Connect
  • Wireless Person-To-Person Communications
  • Compatible With Scott’s Complete Line Of Air-supplied Products
  • Optional Portable Radio Communications
  • 4 Wireless Talk-Around Channels


The Scott Talk-Around system is the ideal choice for person-to-person and remote radio communications. The Talk-Around features a facepiece mounted transceiver that can be used alone or in combination with a radio cable interface attached to a two-way radio, making it ideal for a variety of response situations including firefighting, disaster response, maintenance operations and manufacturing settings. Intrinsically safe, the Talk-Around system provides real-time communications with push-to-talk (PTT). The TalkAround is simple to operate and interfaces with a user’s existing radio, making it the perfect, low cost communication solution. Part of the Scott Family of Communication Products, the Talk-Around mounts easily to the user’s existing AV-2000® facepiece with a single bracket.

Clear, Reliable Communications
With mask mounted microphone and flexible ear boom, the Talk-Around system places clear, crisp person-to-person communications within easy reach. Unlike traditional VOX (Voice activated transmissions), the Talk-Around system features a facepiece mounted PTT (Push-to-talk) for suppression and optional hands-free VOX for HAZMAT scenarios. The Talk-Around system offers four wireless talk-around channels and provides optional portable radio communications—a simple toggle switch converts it from wireless talk-around to portable radio modes. The unit’s speaker is housed in a flexible boom that can be adjusted for placement directly over the user’s ear. This system reduces garbled or lost transmissions which translates to greater safety.

Easy Installation & Maintenance
The Talk-Around system may be mounted on all existing Scott AV-2000® facepieces by means of a single bracket. The bracket secures over the voicemitter housing, and all that is needed to lock the Talk-Around system in place is a single quarter turn. This system’s lightweight design means that there is no loss of facepiece comfort or performance. The Talk-Around system is compatible with virtually all handheld portable radios with remote accessory connectors. The unit is water resistant for ease of maintenance. To clean the unit, users may wash the Talk-Around system in a solution of warm water with mild detergent.

Rugged Simplicity
Like all Scott products, the Talk-Around system is designed for ease of use and reliability under the most demanding conditions. Bright LED indicators provide accurate readouts of portable radio or wireless talk-around modes and PTT actuation. Users can safely store their radios in a radio pocket while still maintaining full contact with a remote command center or safety officer. The system conveniently runs off three AAA batteries and provides up to 15 hours of battery life.

Weight   11 Ounces (312 g) without batteries


  • NIOSH approved for use with Air-Pak® Fifty™/2.2/3.0/4.5 SCBA
  • ETL listed for Intrinsic Safety Class I, II, III, Div. I, Groups A, B, C, D, E, F and G per ANSI/UL 913
  • Maintains respirator NIOSH certification
  • NFPA 1981 compliant as an accessory on SCBA


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