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SilentSync® Drive System

///SilentSync® Drive System

SilentSync® Drive System


Your first look at an SilentSync® Belts and Sprockets will tell you that it’s different than anything offered in the synchronous belt market today – it all starts with SilentSync®‘s patented H.O.T. (Helical Offset Tooth) design.

SilentSync® Drive System advantages:

  • Is a patented drive system well suited for many high-end, high horsepower drive applications
  • Available in 3500 mm and 3304 mm lengths, well-suited for cooling tower applications and other long-centre applications
  • Has the capacity to reduce noise by 17 – 19 dB and lessen vibration when compared to other straight tooth synchronous belts
  • Can reduce drive size and weight when replacing many traditional V-Belt drives
  • Has a wide range of operating temperatures for greater versatility
  • Is capable of improved efficiencies to optimise your engery

SilentSync® can help your organisation achieve continous process improvement – all in one drive package. So if noise is an issue or if you simply need premium engineered, high-horsepower belt / sprocket drive system, look no further than SilentSync®!


  • Aramid Tensile Member – pound for pound, stronger and more flexible than steel to handle today’s drive design. Resists fatigue, elongation and shock loads, even in high-torque conditions, so there’s no need to retension SilentSync® belts once properly installed.
  • HiBrex® Rubber Compound – for exceptional tooth rigidity and load carrying capacity – designed to be chemically stable to resist effects of oil, coolant heat, ozone and other chemicals
  • Aramid® Tensile Members For high impact strength – optimal resistance to flex fatigue, elongation and shock loads while operating in high torque conditions.
  • Hibrex® Impregnated Plioguard® – Fabric toothfacing for reduced tooth engagement friction – provides excellent wear and abrasion protection in operation.
  • SilentSync® Colour Spectrum System – Incorporates a colour-coded part numbering system of belts and sprockets of the same size making it easier to select proper drive combinations.


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