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Red Line Wheeled Units Dry Chemical

///Red Line Wheeled Units Dry Chemical

Red Line Wheeled Units Dry Chemical

RED LINE Wheeled dry chemical fire extinguishers are made specifically to protect people and property in areas where the potential for large-scale fires is always present.


RED LINE Wheeled dry chemical fire extinguishers are made specifically to protect people and property in areas where the potential for large-scale fires is always present. Airports, loading docks, steel and iron mills, paint spray booths, dip and quench tanks, offshore platforms, loading racks, fuel storage, and heavy manufacturing areas benefit from the protection offered by these industrial high-hazard fire extinguishers

These heavy-duty wheeled units have greater extinguishing agent capacities than hand portable fire extinguishers, yet are highly mobile and can be fully operated by one person. Large diameter steel wheels quickly and more easily move the unit to the source of the fire, while the quick-opening valve option allows for fast, one-step actuation.

Wheeled extinguishers are available with dry chemical or special dry agent powders to provide maximum protection for many types of fire hazards.


Additional product features:

  • Listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc./Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (UL/ULC)
  • Factory Mutual (FM) and USCG Approved
  • All wheeled units are manufactured with corrosion resistant finishes on all components
  • Three  ANSUL dry chemical extinguishing agents available: FORAY, Purple-K or PLUS-FIFTY C
  • MET-L-KYL dry chemical unit available for hazards with Class B metal-organic compounds (pyrophoric liquids)
  • Two dry powder (MET-L-X and LITH-X) units are available for Class D hazards
  • Easy pressurization by turning the nitrogen cylinder hand valve
  • Simple operation provided by discharge nozzle with two-position ball valve
  • Aluminum nozzle barrel provides a solid, round agent stream
  • Standard fill cap indicates when unit is pressurized
  • Long-range nozzle, quick-opening nitrogen cylinder valve, wide wheels, rubber coated tires (some models)
  • Six-year limited warrant

Model options:

  • C Model – 150-C (Standard Steel Wheels), 350-C (Wide Steel Wheels)   The C-Model provides larger diameter wheels, nitrogen cylinder and agent tank. The wheel centerline is located close to the center of gravity for good balance and easy maneuvering. This series also utilizes a pressure regulator between the nitrogen cylinder and agent tank, allowing for a greater volume of nitrogen. Listings and approvals include UL, ULC, FM, and USCG.
  • D Model – 150-D (Pneumatic Rubber Tires), 350-D (Rubber Wheels) The D-Model is a more compact unit, with smaller diameter wheels, nitrogen cylinder and shorter agent tank provided for reduced shipping weight, maneuverability and easier storage. This series also features direct transfer of nitrogen from the cylinder to the agent tank, eliminating the need for a regulator. Listings and approvals include UL, ULC, FM, and USCG.

Agent options:

  • Completely self-contained, RED LINE Wheeled extinguishers feature high-capacity tanks containing a choice of extinguishing agents:
    • FORAY—A monoammonium phosphate-based dry chemical for use on Class A (wood, paper, cloth), B (flammable liquids and gases), and C (electrical) fires.
    • PLUS-FIFTY C—A sodium bicarbonate-based dry chemical for use on Class B (flammable liquids and gases) and C (electrical) fires.
    • Purple-K—A potassium bicarbonate-based dry chemical that is the most effective ANSUL dry chemical agent for Class B (flammable liquids and gases)  and C (electrical) fires.
    • MET-L-X—A sodium chloride-based dry powder for use on most Class D fires involving combustible metals is listed by UL for use on sodium, potassium, and magnesium alloys. (C-Models only.)
    • MET-L-KYL—A sodium bicarbonate-based dry chemical and activated absorbents specially designed for suppressing Class D fires involving most trialkylaluminums .  Most of these metal-organic compounds are pyrophoric liquids that ignite on contact with air such as triethylaluminum. (C-Models only.)
    • LITH-X—A graphite-based dry powder blended for use on Class D lithium fires. LITH-X agent is also effective on fires involving high melting point metals such as zirconium, titanium and sodium potassium. (C-Models only.)
  • Options vary based on model type. See a local distributor for details.

Feature options:

  • Customers may customize RED LINE wheeled dry chemical units, to meet their fire protection needs.
    • Quick-Opening (QO) Valves—For those models with hand wheel-style valves, the QO Valve cuts down on the time required to actuate the unit. With the operator’s flip of the lever, the extinguisher is instantly pressurized. (Available on C- and D-Models)
    • Long Range (LR) Nozzle—LR nozzle provides the increased range characteristics of the converging/diverging nozzle while delivering added pounds of agent per second which is ideal for fighting pressurized-fuel fires. (Available on C- and D-Models with dry chemical agent)
  • Low temperature models are approved for operation in environments with temperatures between -65 °F to 120 °F  (-54 °C to 49 °C)
    • Special Wheels—When a RED LINE unit is wheeled over sandy, loose, or rough terrain, wide wheels (WW) provide increased mobility. Rubber-coated steel wheels are available for areas where special flooring such as vinyl, tile, or wood could be damaged by steel wheels, or in volatile areas where sparks from metal wheels could be hazardous. Pneumatic rubber tires are standard on the 150-D wheeled extinguisher.

Other Options & Accessories—An authorized ANSUL Distributor can provide more information on, low-temp models, extra-length hose, scoop/funnel, spare cylinders, quick-connect packages, hose blow-down kits, cylinder test gauges, and more.




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