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Proflow 2 papr

Proflow 2 papr

The SCOTT PROFLOW 2 respirator is a blower assisted air-purifying respirator referred to as a Powered Air-Purifying Respirator or a PAPR.


The SCOTT PROFLOW 2 respirator is a blower assisted air-purifying respirator referred to as a Powered Air-Purifying Respirator or a PAPR.

The SCOTT PROFLOW 2 respirator utilizes two (2) air filtration elements. The filtration elements must be chosen to be appropriate for the expected contaminants. New air filtration elements must be installed before each use.

The complete PROFLOW 2 respirator consists of a SCOTT Full Facepiece and head harness of the appropriate model and size to fit the user’s face, a 40mm facepiece adapter, a breathing tube to connect the full facepiece to a blower assembly, and the battery powered blower assembly fitted with two (2) air filtration elements, and a belt assembly to support the blower assembly on the user’s waist. For use, the Ni-MH battery in the blower assembly must be charged and the appropriate air filtration elements must be installed.

The full facepieces are available in a variety of models and sizes. The user of this respirator must be fit tested before use to determine the style and size facepiece that gives the correct seal to the face and proper visibility for the intended use activities. Where required, a 40mm adapter assembly attaches to the inlet port of certain facepieces with a quarter turn and is equipped with a retaining lock. The adapter assembly includes both inhalation and exhalation check valves.

Use of certain filtration elements may be restricted with respect to the choice of full facepiece. Refer to the NIOSH Approval Label, Scott P/N 10012227 located in the centerfold of this manual, for a complete listing of facepieces and filtration approved for use with the SCOTT PROFLOW 2 respirator.

The corrugated breathing tube connects the inlet on the full facepiece to the outlet of the blower assembly. The breathing tube is available in a selection of lengths and angle configurations to provide the best fit for the respirator user.

The blower assembly contains an electric motor driving an air blower. An ON/OFF pushbutton switch is located on the top front of the blower assembly. A digital display provides information on air flow and battery charge when in the respirator is in operation. A compartment in the housing contains a rechargeable Ni-MH battery. The battery provides a minimum of four hours of operation when fully charged.

The PROFLOW 2 respirator has two (2) 40mm threaded inlets on the underside of the blower assembly for the attachment of two (2) air filtration elements.

The waist belt supports the blower assembly at the waist and is fully adjustable. If you have any questions or concerns, contact your authorized SCOTT dealer or distributor, or contact SCOTT at 1-800-247-7257.

The SCOTT PROFLOW 2 respirator is a powered air-purifying respirator. The user of the respirator breathes ambient air after the air has passed through a pair of air filtration elements. The air filtration elements include a mechanical filter to trap airborne particles and may include a sorbent bed of impregnated activated carbon to trap and/or neutralize various gases.

The facepiece is intended to seal against the user’s face and allows the user to breathe the air drawn through the air filtration elements. An inhalation check valve prevents exhaled air from entering the blower assembly. An exhalation valve allows the exhaled breath to exit the facepiece into the surrounding atmosphere.

The blower assembly assists breathing by drawing air through the air filtration elements and delivering the purified air through the breathing tube to the facepiece. When the blower assembly is used, the pressure inside the facepiece affords the greatest level of protection to the user from the contaminants in the atmosphere.

To maintain this level of protection:

  • The user must be properly fit tested to a suitable respirator facepiece before use.
  • The air filtration elements must be new and appropriate for the contaminants in the atmosphere.
  • The battery must be fully charged before use.
  • The blower must always be used with the blower push-button switch set to the ON position when the respirator is used in a contaminated atmosphere.


  • INTENDED USE: The SCOTT PROFLOW 2 respirator is intended for use as respiratory protection from airborne contaminants.
  • TRAINING REQUIRED BEFORE USE: The personnel using this respirator must have received training in accordance with their employer’s respiratory protection program and in accordance with the requirements set forth by ANSI, OSHA, and other recognized respiratory protection standards (see WARNING on first page of this instruction). Each individual using the respirator must also have received training in the use of the respirator including, but not limited to, pre-use check, donning, leak check, use, doffing (removal) and after use care of the respirator.
  • IDENTITY AND CONCENTRATION OF CONTAMINANT MUST BE KNOWN BEFORE USE: The SCOTT PROFLOW 2 respirator may only be used in areas where the identity of the airborne contaminant has been determined, by test, measurement, or other means, and that the air filtration media used is effective in removing the contaminant from the air.
  • USE NOT PERMITTED IN IMMEDIATELY DANGEROUS TO LIFE AND HEALTH (IDLH) ATMOSPHERES: During use of this respirator, the employer must monitor the level of contamination in the atmosphere and provide for the withdrawal of the using personnel in the event that the contamination level increases to immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH) levels.
  • FIT TESTING OF USERS REQUIRED BEFORE USE: Before the SCOTT PROFLOW 2 respirator can be used, the employer must have fit tested the personnel who will be using the respirator with the appropriate facepiece, identified the best fitting size and/or style for each individual and provided for the availability of the correct size and/or style for use by the individuals who will use the respirator. The fit testing shall be Quantitative test outlined in Appendix A and B of 29 CFR paragraph 1910.134 (the OSHA fit tests) or in an equally effective or more effective manner.
  • USE WITH FACIAL HAIR NOT PERMITTED: The employer providing the SCOTT PROFLOW 2 respirator for use by its personnel must train the user in the importance of maintaining a good seal between the facepiece and the face. This respirator may not be used by personnel with facial hair that comes between the faceseal of the facepiece and the face of the user, or by personnel who have any other condition which would prevent a good seal to the face.
  • USE WITH CORRECTIVE LENSES NOT PERMITTED IF THEY INTERFERE WITH SEAL: This respirator may not be used with eye glasses that include temple pieces that come between the faceseal of the facepiece and the face. For personnel requiring corrective lenses, the facepiece may be equipped with a lens holder kit. (See FACEPIECES FOR USE WITH THE PROFLOW 2 RESPIRATOR section of this instruction). Although contact lenses may be worn with the facepiece, the decision to use or not use contact lenses should be determined by the program administrator as part of the training program.
  • INSPECTION, CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE OF RESPIRATOR REQUIRED: The employer using this respirator must insure that the respirators are properly inspected before use, properly cleaned and maintained after use, properly decontaminated, if necessary, after use, and properly stored between uses.
  • PROTECTIVE CLOTHING REQUIRED FOR USE WHEN NECESSARY: The SCOTT PROFLOW 2 respirator protects only the face and the respiratory tract from airborne contaminants. The employer must provide the appropriate protective clothing and head wear for use with this respirator and must insure that protective clothing and head wear does not interfere with the respirator.
  • USE IN EXPLOSIVE ATMOSPHERES NOT PERMITTED: The SCOTT PROFLOW 2 respirator contains a battery and may not be taken into or used in atmospheres containing flammable or explosive gasses, vapors, or dusts when the concentration of such contaminants is near or above the lower flammable limit (LFL)
  • USE OTHER THAN INTENDED USE NOT PERMITTED: Do not use the SCOTT PROFLOW 2 respirator for fire fighting, in oxygen deficient atmospheres, or for protection from airborne contaminants which the chosen filtration media does not protect against.


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