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POND LINER – Synthetic Balast System

///POND LINER – Synthetic Balast System

POND LINER – Synthetic Balast System

  • Pond Liners, Canal Linings
  • Landfills, WWTP
  • Reservoirs, Floating Covers
  • Closure Caps, Hazardous Waste
  • Methane Barriers, Secondary Containment
  • Leach Pads, Tailings Raise
  • 6” seamless fabric sleeve
  • Diameters: 2”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 7” 8”
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Permanent Ballast System for Exposed Geomembrane Applications

A typical ballast system consists of a polypropylene tube, high density polyethylene tube filled with sand. Both types of tubes are difficult and awkward to fill. By using the Seamless Fabric Sleeve you are able to use a cement mix which flows efficiently allowing the water to drain off. The other types of systems get an airlock and make it very difficult to fill the tube completely.

The Seamless Fabric sleeve is manufactured with a 5.80” outside diameter. The warp is 8’s/10 ply ring spun with UV-inhibited staple polyester. With 325 ends or warp yarns around the total circumference which are held together by a weft or filler yarn of a total size of 1200 denier 7 per inch.

The Seamless Fabric Sleeve is manufactured in continuous lengths. We would recommend length of 5000’ to pack in a box 48” x 48” x 24” pallet. We have manufactured the jackets using a semi-dull polyester warp to better withstand UV light exposure. The Seamless Fabric sleeve has been designed with open weave in such a way to allow for the Seamless Fabric sleeve to fully drain as its being pumped with material.



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