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The Monsoon Monitor is a manually operated monitor designed for flows up to 2000 GPM. Maximum operating pressure is 200 psi. Unique patent pending segmented waterway has only 15 psi friction loss at 2000 GPM. Water makes very few turns as it travels though the monitor resulting in low friction loss and a far reaching effective stream.

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• TFT Monsoon Manual Monitor offers efficient flow performance up to 2000gpm with only 15psi loss, provides full 360 degree rotational movement, and is available with 3” or 4” ANSI 150 flanges, 3”or 4” NPT thread, or with extended flange inlets to eliminate rotational clearance issues. All models are FM approved, are standard with corrosion resistant powder coating, and come with your choice of hand wheel and tiller bar operational controls.

• TFT Monsoon Remote Control Monitors are designed for operational pressures up to 200psi, provide up to 450 degrees of rotational travel, and have an elevation range or 90 degrees above horizontal to 45 degrees below. All Monsoon pumper and aerial RC monitor versions come standard with TFT’s rugged electronics design which eliminates corrosion issues caused by water migration to electronic circuitry, have been awarded CE approval, and are easily controlled by panel mounted, tethered, or radio frequency operational controls.

• TFT Monsoon ATEX certified RC Monitors are designed for 12/24volt operations and are tested and approved for use in Classified Hazardous Locations as defined by European Directive 94/9/EC often referred to as the ATEX directive. This directive also indicates that the monitor and nozzles are suitable for Zone 2, Category 3 environments, use position encoding and current limiting for drive train protection, and have an IP65 rating for all electrical components.



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