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Master Stream 1250S Series – AUTO

///Master Stream 1250S Series – AUTO

Master Stream 1250S Series – AUTO

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M-ER1250S-NJ   MASTER STREAM 1250S ER 12-24VDC 2.5″ 300-1250 GPM @ 100 PSI AUTOMATIC Same as M-ERP1250S-NJ except with 6 ft of non-terminated remote wire for custom installations. Does not have SMARTSTREAM technology.

M-ER1250S-NN  MASTER STREAM 1250S ER 12-24VDC 3.5″ 150-1250GPM @ 100PSI (2) WIRE LEAD

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  • TFT Master Stream Nozzles are available in fixed or selectable gallonage, as well as automatic configurations in flow ranges from 500gpm up to 4000gpm. Either manual or remote control pattern selection is specifiable and many TFT master stream nozzles uniquely allow field selectable operational pressures.
  • TFT Master Stream Nozzles are designed for maximum flow efficiency, reach and penetration. All are produced from lightweight hard anodized aluminum alloy, and include fixed fog teeth for a wide protective fog pattern under harsh fireground conditions. The perfect choice for fixed and remote control monitor operations, aerial applications, and industrial specifications, all master stream nozzles are covered by TFT’s unique five year warranty and 24 hour service program.
  • TFT Master Stream Nozzles includes numerous configurations of stacked tips and high flowing smooth bore nozzles as well as the unique self-educting foam nozzle, the Master Foam. With over 30 models of combination master stream nozzles to choose from the perfect solution to maximizing fire streams operations under any fire ground condition.

MASTER STREAM 1250S ER 12-24VDC 2.5″(M-ER1250S-NJ) / MASTER STREAM 1250S ER 12-24VDC 3.5″(M-ER1250S-NN)


  • Weight  8.300 lbs ( kg) / 15.900 lbs ( kg)
  • Operation Energy Source  Electric (12/24 vdc)
  • Electrical Connection Method  6 feet of non-terminated wire (no smart stream)
  • Coupling Size (Nozzles)  2.5 inch (65mm) 3.5 inch (89mm)
  • Coupling Style (Nozzles)  Rocker
  • Coupling Swiveling/Rigid (Nozzles)  Swivel (non-full time, no swivel after tightening)
  • Pressure  100 psi (7bar)
  • Nozzle Body Style  Tip Only – Remote Controlled
  • Valve Design  No Valve
  • Valve Actuation Method  No Actuation Method
  • Fog Pattern Method  Molded Rubber Teeth (fixed)
  • Nozzle Bumper Material  Rubber – press fit
  • Certifications  N/A
  • Hazardous Location Certification  N/A


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MASTER STREAM 1250S ER 12-24VDC 2.5", MASTER STREAM 1250S ER 12-24VDC 3.5"


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