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JAFLITE synthetic, double-jacket fire hose with polyurethane lining.

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JAFLITE synthetic, double-jacket fire hose with polyurethane lining

Meets or Exceeds NFPA 1961 Standard on Fire Hose (2013 edition)

Double-Jacket Construction

Synthetic double-jacket with polyurethane lining.

Jaflite is sourced outside the United States and is available in :

  • 1 ¾” in red, yellow, blue, green, orange and white.
  • 2 ½”, available colors are red, yellow and white.

High Burst Rating 1200 psi up to 3″ diameters.

All-Weather Performance Retains pliability down to -40º F.

Ultra Lightweight ATI’s lightest weight hose. A 1 ¾” 50’† coil weighs under 16 lbs.

Packs Tight ATI’s best packing and easiest to fold double-jacket hose.

Maintenance Free Immune to mildew and rot.

Standard Length 100′ and 50′.


Nominal Weight of 100ft. Coil Diameters Service Pressure Acceptance Pressure Burst Pressure Coupling Bowl Sizes
inches lbs. inches psi psi psi inches
1 3/4 19 15.5″/50′ 400 800 1200 2 1/8
2 1/2 27 17″/50′ 400 800 1200 3


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