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HY-T® Wedge Torque Team®

///HY-T® Wedge Torque Team®

HY-T® Wedge Torque Team®

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Narrow cross-section joined belt for higher performance and shock load applications. Also ideal for pulsating loads, high capacity drives and/or for short center heavy-duty drives.

Banded Belts tame the problem drives:

  • Individual belts are joined together by tough backing fabric so all ribs pull together.
  • Each rib wedges in the sheave groove for maximum traction and efficiency.
  • Conditions such as pulsation, vibration, shock loading and misalignment are common problems for drives causing belt whip and belt turnover. Banded belts help solve the problems.
  • HY-T® Wedge Torque Team® Belts are Matchmaker® construction providing assurance all ribs are evenly matched for peak performance.

Designed and built to deliver:

  • Vytacord® tension members provide predictable performance over the life of the belt.
  • Cushion rubber is a fiber-reinforced, Continental ContiTech compound contributing heat and oil resistance and exceptional cord support.
  • Backing fabric provides maximum longitudinal flexibility and lateral strength.

Two V-constructions provide optimum performance:

  • Under 140″ Length Torque Team® belts have molded cogs for better heat dissipation and flexibility.
  • Belts over 140″ have continuous V-sections protected by a high-quality, Continental ContiTech rubber compound impregnated fabric envelopes.
  • Available in the most extensive stock line in the industry.


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