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HY-T® Plus

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HY-T® Plus

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Traditional classical belts designed for operating at higher speeds over small diameter pulleys and short center distances. Also for use in multiple V-belt drives where high shock load and heavy-duty loads are encountered.

Quality materials make the difference:

HY-T® Plus is Continental ContiTech line of the classical V-belt. Quality materials are the key to the longer belt life.

  • Vytacord® tensile members control stretch, so that it is minimal, predictable and uniform
  • Our engineered heat- and oil-resistant rubber compound impregnated envelope fabric provides positive traction, maximum flexibility and extended wear resistance
  • Built to Matchmaker® specifications so all belts of the same size meet ARPM matching specifications wich eliminates matching problems, improves performance and increases service life

Dual branded classical belts:

  • Dual branded with the fractional horsepower belt part number
  • Offers a higher horsepower classical belt for use on FHP drives resulting in longer life
  • Dual branding (Classical and FHP Belts) reduces inventory


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