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Falcon PD®


Soar with the latest drive system innovation. Pushing technology to new heights, the new Falcon Pd® gives your drive system performance wings. Demand more from your drive systems. With Falcon Pd®, you can expect the same long-lasting, maintenance-free performance in your low speed, high-torque drives that you get with the rest of your drive systems

The HNBR rubber compound produces a clean, quiet belt that delivers exceptional performance under higher-torque and lower speed applications. The new Falcon Pd soars over the competition delivering up to a 36% horsepower improvement compared to previous generation product.
Our advanced rubber compounding research results in a synchronous belt with distinct advantages. Falcon Pd® has exceptional tensile strength and greater flexibility than polyurethane, backside idler capabilities and resistance to chemical and oil breakdown. Plus, the system is specifically designed to accommodate today’s high-efficiency motors, with a heightened power transfer.
When compared to conventional polyurethane synchronous belts, Falcon Pd® matches competitive HP tables and offers numerous benefits, including up to 6dB, quieter operation and static conductivity, as well as resistance to both flex fatigue and higher operating temperatures.

The advantages of Falcon Pd® soar over competing synchronous drive belts
For more than 100 years, our rubber compounding technology has produced the most versatile, durable and dependable power transmission belts possible. Our innovative Falcon Pd® is a continuation of this long line of achievements.

  • Highly adaptable and suitable for high-torque, low-speed applications
  • Up to 6dB quieter operation when compared to conventional polyurethane synchronous belts static conductivity for increased peace of mind
  • Backside idler capability for use in a wide range of applications
  • Greater flexibility and superior flex fatigue resistance in demanding applications for longer life
  • Rated for continuous service at high temperatures to provide versatility in a wide range of operating environments
  • Heightened energy transfer for greater cost efficiency, up to 98%

Don’t get grounded by your maintenance routine.
Many mechanical chain drives are noisy and greasy, requiring near-constant maintenance to keep them running adequately. Worse yet, chains can elongate or break – affecting the output of your entire facility.
A re-engineered Falcon Pd® drive is designed to be a near maintenance-free drive system alternative. With its increased horsepower capacity and quiet-running rubber compounding, Falcon Pd® can be a welcomed relief from daily upkeep while delivering ongoing energy savings.
Your local Continental ContiTech Distributor is your #1 source to perform diagnostics and offer expertise to resolve your most troublesome drives while improving the efficiencies of all your mechanical systems.
Contact your local Continental ContiTech Sales Representative to learn how Falcon Pd® can help reduce your maintenance costs.



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