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Con-Space Link Communication Device

///Con-Space Link Communication Device

Con-Space Link Communication Device


  • Easy To Install, Easy To Connect
  • Clear And Continuous Communications
  • Hands-Free Operation With Full Duplex Capabilities
  • Compatible With Scott’s Complete Line Of Air-supplied Products
  • One Button Security Alarm


Confined space work environments have always provided unique safety challenges for the rescue and industrial worker. Among the key safety issues for confined space entry has been effective and reliable voice communications between all members of a confined space team. Scott, always concerned with the needs of respirator wearers, has teamed with Con-Space Communications Ltd. to develop the Con-Space Link – the safest solution for confined spaces and wired communications. This innovative product integrates Scott’s full line of air-supplied products with all Con-Space hardline confined space communication systems. Scott air-supplied respirator users can now enjoy effective, reliable and hands-free voice communications on the job.

Full Duplex Capabilities
The Scott Con-Space Link provides superior clarity through a full duplex communications system. Similar to a telephone conference call, the Scott Con-Space Link allows an entrant and multiple users to communicate simultaneously over an open line.

Hands-Free Operation
Because confined space operations often call for a worker or rescuer to be able to use both hands, the Scott Con-Space Link is designed to transmit and receive communications – handsfree. No buttons or switches are required for communicating between attendant and entrant. Simply speaking will permit voice transmissions.

Simple Design, Durable Construction
Because it is completely controlled and powered by the ConSpace module, no on/off switches or batteries are required in the Scott Con-Space Link unit. The only button on the unit is reserved for an emergency alarm. The Scott Con-Space Link is designed to meet the rough work environments found in confined space.

Easy To Install, Easy to Connect
Like all Scott communications products, the Con-Space Link device is easily mounted over the AV-2000® and AV-3000™ facepiece voicemitter using a self-locking mounting bracket. Installation of the Scott Con-Space Link unit is made quick and easy on the facepiece bracket. A quarter turn locks the Scott Con-Space Link into place and connecting to the ConSpace Communication module is just as easy.

One-Button Security
Attendants are quickly alerted to an entrant’s emergency through the alarm located on the Con-Space housing. One push of the red button immediately alerts an attendant or anyone else in the work area of an entrant’s potential problem by sounding a loud, constant beep on the Con-Space module outside the confined space. Another push of the red button shuts the alarm off.

Clear And Continuous, With Voice Backup
Clear, outgoing communication is permitted through a superior quality microphone integrated into the Con-Space Link’s housing and positioned over the Scott facepiece’s voicemitter. Because it is a hardwire system connected directly to the Con-Space Communication module, outside interference from radios or portable telephones and dead spots are eliminated. This configuration provides continuous and private communications between an attendant and an entrant. Incoming communication is directed towards the ear through an easily adjustable steel ear boom that is connected to the housing unit by a flexible steel-wire housing.

Proven Vendor Reliability
Con-Space Communications, Ltd., the recognized leader in the manufacture of confined space communication equipment, has developed systems for use in any confined space operation. The Scott Con-Space Link is fully operational and interchangeable with any Con-Space CSI-1000, CSI-2000 or Rescue Hardline Communication System

Weight  7 oz. (198.7 g)


  • Maintains respirator NIOSH certification
  • USA: ETL listed for Intrinsic Safety Class I, II, III, Div. I, Groups A, B, C,D, E, F and G, T3C per ANSI/UL 913
  • Canada: CSA listed Intrinsic Safety Class I, Div. I, Groups A, B, C, D, Class II, Group G & Coal Dust: Class III, T3C
  • Europe: EExia IIC T4-Celenec
  • Meets MIL-STD-810E, Method 506.3, Procedure 1


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