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Boss Male Stem

Boss Male Stem


  • Material   Plated Steel Bar Stock
  • Male Thread   NPT
  • Male Thread Size   1″ (25mm)
  • Hose Shank Size   1″ (25mm)
  • Optional Pkg/Box Qty   25
  • Weight Lb   0.5900



  • Boss couplings are all-purpose hose couplings, universally recommended for steam hose connections. They are also widely used for air, water, fluid petroleum, chemicals and liquid petroleum gas up to 1″ ID.
  • Boss couplings can be applied to many types of rubber, synthetic, plastic, metallic or semi-metallic hose. Consult Dixon for specific media capabilities.


  • Use with Boss Clamps


  • Recommended for steam service up to 450°F (232°C).


  • For safety tags and safety tape see the Maintenance & Repair section

  Safety Notes

  • Worn-out hose couplings can be dangerous. They should be checked regularly and replace when necessary. Each coupling user should review applications and add safety devices where indicated.
  • Note. Pressurized steam is an extremely dangerous commodity. Only hose, fittings, clamps and accessory items that have been approved for steam service should ever be used! Never use an unapproved item for steam service. Always follow the manufacturer’s product recommendations for pressurized steam handling.
  • WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Do not use in connection with drinking water. Wash hands after handling.


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