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Blackhawk PD® Sprockets

///Blackhawk PD® Sprockets

Blackhawk PD® Sprockets



Part Number: W38-14M-20-SF
W38 – 38 Grooves / Teeth
14M – 14 mm Pitch Length
20 – 20 mm width
SF – QD Bushing

Any application where a chain drive could be used or there is a need for a high-efficiency drive system. For use where Conti Blackhawk Pd belts are specified or desired.

Sprockets offered by ContiTech are designed to be a part of a complete high performance drive system. Working with our premium synchronous belts allows for a lot of performance in a small space, giving you flexibility in design and application.

Matching belt to sprocket is simple, the part numbering system is simple and easy. Just match the belt’s width and pitch length to that of the sprocket and select the preferred number of groves/teeth to provide the desired performance characteristics.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Continental ContiTech W38-14M-20-SF replaces W3814M20-SF
  • Convenient replacement for existing Carlisle RPP & RPP Plus drives
  • Convenient replacement for existing Eliminator drives.
  • Cast iron or steel construction
  • Stock on most popular application sizes, other sizes available as special order.
  • For RIM speeds greater than 6000 feet per second contact engineering


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