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Axial Fan Synchronous Belt & Sprockets

///Axial Fan Synchronous Belt & Sprockets

Axial Fan Synchronous Belt & Sprockets



Part Number: 3150 14M 55\FFAN
3150 – 3150 mm pitch length
14M – 14 mm length
55 – 55 mm width
FFAN – Special Fin Fan construction

Specialty application power transmission synchronous belts used primarily in chemical, petroleum and refining industries

Key Features & Benefits

  • Special fin fan construction
  • Universal tooth profile drops into existing HTD sprockets
  • Quiet Tooth Engagement
  • High-grade engineered rubber compound
  • Fiberglass tension cords for excellent resistance to shrinkage and elongation
  • Oil, heat, ozone and abrasion resistance
  • Low-maintenance/high efficiency rating


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