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Air-Pak NxG7 SCBA

///Air-Pak NxG7 SCBA

Air-Pak NxG7 SCBA

With the Air-Pak NxG7, Scott has taken the traditional SCBA used in the fire service to the next level. Inspired by our customers, the patented snap-change quick cylinder change out eliminates the high-pressure hose and the CGA coupling that is found on other SCBA. This makes cylinder change out a snap. The waist-mounted pressure reducer still maintains the dual redundant system that is used on the Air-Pak 75, but its location improves the weight management of the complete Air-Pak by shifting it to the hips rather than the shoulders. The elimination of the high-pressure hose improves hose management of the Air-Pak SCBA and reduces potential snag hazards.


A revolutionary SCBA using many technological advancements, including the patented Snap-Change cylinder valve, while providing the same performance characteristics expected from every Scott SCBA. The Air-Pak NxG7 SCBA provides greater flexibility, comfort, automated features, an array of status indicators, and is easy to use and maintain.

Feature and Benefits

  • Snap Change Cylinder Connection
  • Dual Redundant Pressure Reducer
  • Drag Reduce Loop
  • Vibralert Tactile Alarm
  • “Glove Tested” Components
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership
  • Industry’s Best Warranty


  • NFPA-1981:2007
  • NIOSH-42 CFR


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