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Scott Safety provides a full line of adapters to accommodate specific respiratory needs. These adapters can all be used with the AV-3000 Series, AV-2000, or Weld-O-Vista facepiece.


Scott Safety provides a full line of adapters to for use with the AV-Series Facepieces (AV-2000, AV-3000, and Weld-O-Vista) to accommodate a wide variety of applications with the same facepiece.

Quarter Turn Adapter (P/N 805622-01): NIOSH APR. For AV-Series facepieces when using 742 series cartridges

40 mm Adapter (P/N 805059-01): NIOSH APR and PAPR. For AV-Series facepieces and 40 mm cartridges. For AV-Series facepieces amd Proflow 2 or C420 PLUS PAPR (supports non-CBRN applications)

First Responder Adapter (P/N 200423-01): NIOSH CBRN-APR. For AV-2000 (grey nosecup) or AV-3000 with SureSeal and CBRN Cap-1 Canister

Other Adapters: For C420 PLUS PAPR CBRN applications, see C420 PLUS PAPR information

Probed Fit Test Adapters

See facepiece accessories section

  • Adapters enable facepieces to be used in a wide variety of applications (APR, CBRN, PAPR)
  • Simple, quick quarter turn for easy attachment
  • Consistent attachment makes training easy across multiple applications


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