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8FG Series

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8FG Series

Hale’s 8FG was designed specifically for high flow industrial firefighting applications. Built utilizing the popular G gearbox, the 8FG is manufactured for reliable operation. Available with a split shaft, PTO, or drive thru gearbox allows the 8FG to be used in many different applications. The compact design requires less space in your truck freeing up space for water, foam, or equipment.

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The closer you look, the more you will appreciate our quality and design. Because we build our pumps with nothing but the finest materials and components, assembled as only the most experienced craftsmen know how.

  • Maintenance-free mechanical seal eliminates pump packing adjustments and maintenance
  • Very compact design requires less space in your truck
  • High quality fine grain bronze impeller
  • Available with Split Shaft or PTO gearbox

Features and Benefits

  • Performance
    • 3000 GPM (11,355 LPM) NFPA rating
    • Designed specifically for high volume industrial fire fighting applications
    • Designed for fire trucks
  • Cast Iron One-Piece Pump Volute
    • Compact design requires less space in truck
    • ADA flange connections for discharge and suction
    • Volute position to front or rear
  • Split Shaft Gearbox
    • Truck mountable
    • No separate engine is required resulting in cost savings

Mechanical Seal Self-adjusting, self-lubricated maintenance-free mechanical seal

Gear Drive

  • Extremely strong 16,000 lbs. ft. (21,693 N-m) drive torque rating
  • Utilizes all available horsepower
  • Flexible gear ratio combinations to match various engines
  • Dependable
  • Simple splash lubrication design
  • Low maintenance

Bronze Impeller with Replaceable Bronze Clearance Rings High quality fine grain bronze impeller, hand ground and individually balanced with dual front and rear replaceable clearance rings.


  • Pump Type Single cutwater centrifugal pump mounted on a gearbox.
  • Pump Body and Head Fine grain alloy cast iron standard with bronze alloy available upon request. Ruggedly constructed and accurately machined. Hydrostatically tested to ensure safe high pressure operation. Carefully engineered smooth waterways for maximum pumping efficiency.
  • Impeller Fully enclosed, high strength bronze impeller fully machined and hand balanced. Smooth internal waterways and mixed flow impeller vanes for highest efficiency. Axially balanced for reduced bearing loads.
  • Clearance Rings Two renewable bronze clearance rings, one front, and one rear of impeller for higher efficiency.
  • Pump Shaft Heat treated stainless steel for corrosion resistance and high strength.
  • Suction 8 x 13 ASA flange provided as standard. Optional suction packages available to suit specific requirements.
  • Discharge 6 x 9 ASA flange provided as standard. Optional discharge packages are available.
  • Pump Seal Balanced mechanical seal with special design super hard seal seat for maximum resistance to thermal shock, sand and mud. Self lubricated, self adjusting, mechanical seal for long life.
  • Gearbox Shall be designed and tested at the pump manufacturer’s factory. (No exceptions). Pump Gearbox shall be of sufficient size to withstand up to 16,000 Ibs. ft. (21.693 N-m) of torque of the engine in both road and pump operating conditions. The gearbox shall be designed of ample capacity for lubrication reserve and to maintain the proper operating temperature.(No exceptions)
  • Gearbox Drive Shafts Shall be of heat treated chrome nickel steel and at least 2-3/4 inches in diameter, on both the input and output drive shafts. They shall withstand the full torque of the engine in both road and pump operating conditions.
  • All Drive and Pump Gears Shall be of highest quality electric furnace chrome nickel steel. Bores shall be ground to size and teeth integrated crown-shaved and hardened, to give an extremely accurate gear for long life, smooth, quiet running and higher load carrying capability. An accurately cut spur design shall be provided to eliminate all possible end thrust. (No exceptions).
  • Pump Ratio Shall be selected by the apparatus manufacturer to give maximum performance with the engine and transmission selected.


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