This Level 2 Course for Response to Marine Oil Spills Course for Supervisors and On-Scene Commanders

The Level Two course is designed in accordance with the OPRC IMO 2 course curricula to be conducted either as an intensive five days course. Each module, means that each lesson is self-contained and may be taught singly or grouped with associated exercises and other lessons.

The course is design for personnel that respond as on scene commander during an emergency involving oil spill, for the incident management staff, responsible for the planning and supervising of operations in the field.

The course is divided into modules which may be taught individually or in blocks, with corresponding exercises (class room, demonstrations or real life practice).

Course Objectives

Gain and demonstrate a level of competence an understanding of the weathering process of oil in the marine environment, implement efficient shoreline clean-up using different response techniques, selecting appropriate equipment and managing spill response teams on-site.

  • Overview of spill response
  • Emergency response plan
  • Environmental sensitivity and impacts NEBA
  • Oil spill properties, behavior, and fate
  • Spill assessment
  • Oil spill response options
  • Containment, protection, and recovery of oil
  • Chemical dispersants
  • In-situ burn
  • Shoreline cleanup
  • Health and safety
  • Waste management
  • Communications and information sharing
  • Information gathering and record keeping
  • Liability and compensation
  • Media relations
  • Termination of response
  • Post-incident debriefing

This course includes practical activities such as:

  • Boat safety
  • Boom deployment
  • Deploy recovery equipment
  • Boom formations
  • Develop a contingency plan
  • Tabletop exercises
  • Initial response activation
  • Response actions planning

Important Note

This course also cover and complaint with the topics for the OSHA Hazwoper 24 hrs course for Marine Oil spill Response. Title 29 of Code of Federal Regulations, (CFR), 1910.120.