Flexdock® 300


Built with a corrugated cover to provide flexibility in petroleum transfer service. A variety of tube compounds are available to tailor the chemical and hydrocarbon resistance of the hose to the type of material handled.


TUBE: Nitrile synthetic rubber for up to 50% aromatics. Also available with a Flosyn® tube for up to 100% aromatics.

COVER: Black Wingprene® synthetic cover, corrugated, wrapped finish.

REINFORCEMENT: Heavy-duty synthetic fabric plies with double wire helix.

TEMPERATURE: -25°F to 200°F (-32°C to 93°C)

PACKAGING: Chloroplast heavy-duty packaging

BRANDING (SPIRAL): Example: Goodyear® Flexdock® 300 psi WP Nitrile Oil Service

COUPLINGS: Coupled with standard built-in steel nipple/150#RFSO flanges. Available in other bolt hole patterns, materials and floating flanges on request. Swage nipples are offered up to 10". Hose assembly is electrically continuous unless otherwise specified by customer.

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