GlobeBoom® range is unique in many ways. It can
be used as a fast response boom or for permanent
installations. It can even be stored on a reel thanks
to the special high density polyethylene (HDPE)
round floats that can easily nest. The floats are
of a hemi-spherical design and are extremely
abrasion and crush resistant. Each globe has
a cast handle that allows for easy handling.
Attached to both sides of the boom, they create
excellent stability and also minimise reactionary
forces being transmitted to the fabric generated
by wave action. This also means the boom is
more responsive to short period waves. Thus the
globe float is far better than an enclosed or bolted
‘square’ float configuration. GlobeBoom® also
resists the planeing failures and has operationally
outperformed all other designs in its class for
the difficult and demanding fast water and river
applications. However, GlobeBoom® is equally at
home in sheltered waters and can be deployed
without power packs, reels or inflators making it a
superb first response option.
Manufacturer: Desmi