is the most durable heavy duty rubber belt available in the agricultural industry today. Used as a conveyor belt or elevator belt in the grain, feed, milling and other agricultural applications, HarvestFlex® uses Fenner Dunlop's premier Flex-style construction to provide maximum durability.
HarvestFlex® benefits include:
Superior rip & tear resistance
Outstanding bolt retention
Superior troughability & load support
Superior belt tracking
Absolutely NO ply separation
Excellent adhesions
Minimum elongation
Meets or exceeds OSHA requirements for conductivity and flame resistance.
When coupled with the Fenner Dunlop brand's wide range of quality cover compounds, you get the industry's best combination of durability, oil resistance, and cold temperature resistance.
A single ply of HarvestFlex® provides more textile reinforcement than an equivalently rated ply construction. Coupled with the straight-warp weave design, HarvestFlex® delivers rip and tear values five times greater than plied belts.
Bolt Retention
Fenner Dunlop's Flex-style carcass provides bolt retention that is far superior to competitive brands. In lab testing, utilizing the RMA #123 test procedure, HarvestFlex® demonstrated bolt retention values up to 95% higher than other manufacturers. Together with HarvestFlex®'s low elongation properties, this can result in less maintenance downtime related to bucket issues.
Proper belt troughability is synonymous with belt tracking. HarvestFlex®, with its Flex-style carcass, conforms easily to all idler profiles ensuring easy belt tracking without sacrificing load support.
Manufacturer: Fenner Dunlop